How to set wifi setup on canon printer?

canon mg3600 connect to wifi

Should you Have recently bought a canon mg3600 connect to wifi printing device for your house or office usage, then the very first thing you need to do is to shut the box slightly and remove all of the accessories, and then set the device on a desk. Plugin the printer at an electrical power slot and start with the canon mg3600 installation.


Begin by Linking all of its cables by appearing from the printer manual. Using an automated link, WPS, you can connect your own devices. This enables both the apparatus such as computers and printers to get in touch with each other to an own network without having to enter a password.


It also enables a fast and effortless way of connecting your devices. By employing this Canon Support agency you'll be able to take help as the licensed and extra-talented tech-geeks operate here.


Methods For Canon MG3600 Setup


Strategy 1: WPS Link of Method


If your access point has a WPS button, then with No confusion pick the WPS Connection Method' as this way is the simplest method of finishing canon mg3600 connection installation with Wi-Fi. Just take a peek at the mentioned lines and follow exactly the same as guided:


1.      First of all, make sure the printer is ON and the WPS button to the wireless router is currently available

2.      Now, press and hold the Wi-Fi button on the printer before the ON lamp flashes

3.      Press the "Black" button and then the "Wi-Fi" button

4.      Now, be certain that the Wi-Fi lamp flashes fast along with also the ON lamp is lit. Then, visit your entry point and then press on the WPS button in a Few moments

5.      Following that, it is possible to see that the blue Wi-Fi lamp onto the printer will keep on flashing while hunting, and the Electricity and Wi-Fi lamps will flash when connecting to the access point. When the printer has made the link to a wireless system, the Power and Wi-Fi lamps will stop flashing and remain lit

6.      In the conclusion, make sure the Wi-Fi lamp along with also the ON lamp are lit


After Completed the aforementioned process, the system link installation is now finished. If your device isn't connected, then leap to another approach to fill out the canon mg3600 installation procedure.


Strategy 2: Standard Connection Method


In case Your access point does not encourage the WPS attribute, then stick to the below-given directions to set up your printer in your wireless community:


1.      Click "Start Setup" when the first screen display

2.      Now, the program will check for the driver when there's required to upgrade. It will begin downloading automatically should be upgraded. Wait for a couple of minutes

3.      Select your area and state and click"Next"

4.      Should you accept the terms and conditions of the license agreement, then click"Yes"

5.      If You Would like to take part in this Extended Survey Program, click"Agree", differently Click"Don't agree"

6.      Click on"Next" to let all"Install Wizard Procedure"

7.      Select"Wireless LAN Link" and then tap"Next"

8.      Select Connect through a wireless router" and then click"Next"

9.      Ensure That Your printer is switched on and then hit"Next"

10.  Ensure"Putting printer could Not be found among the listing" is chosen, then tap"Next"

11.  The installation guide will start, all You have to do would be to adhere to the onscreen instructions carefully

12.  Wait for a moment while the installation Finds the printer

13.  When the installation is finished, hit "Next"

14.  Then click"Exit"


Require Canon Support Assist For Growing Canon MG3600 Setup


Do not feel blue! In case You're facing Any Type of hurdles while after These aforementioned steps as we have experienced tech-savvy working evening and Nighttime at Canon Support Amount. Create a link together by setting one Call with this helpline number and find a one-stop solution in a convenient manner.

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